Amarin Plaza

Amarin Plaza offers locals and tourists a fresh shopping experience in the heart of Bangkok. This iconic building houses everything under one roof. Whether it’s fashion and lifestyle brands or relaxing spas and other exciting activities, discover a world of more than 300 world-class fashion, lifestyle brands and unique gift boutiques that bring “Value & Fun” to the shopping experience to you each and every season. The world-renowned Street Food hub, The Cook, offers delicious authentic Thai dishes at affordable prices. For over 4 decades now, Amarin Plaza has been an unforgettable and trendsetting shopping destination for all.

Discover 5 Floors of excitement and fun with over 300 shops at Amarin Plaza:

  • Leading international fashion and lifestyle brands
  • Spas, beauty products and services
  • Jewelry, precious stones and great souvenirs
  • Genuine, handmade creative crafts
  • The Cook Food Centre
  • Sporting goods and fitness centre
  • IT centre and electronic shops
  • Co-working space



Amarin Plaza was founded at Ratchaprasong intersection, right in the heart of Bangkok. Amarin Plaza is one of Bangkok’s prime destination as it offers seamless integration of its fashion and lifestyle mall and office complex. It is also a home to many firsts such as McDonald’s first store and Sogo Department Store’s first venture into the Thai market.


The Indra Shrine was consecrated in front of Amarin Plaza and remained as one of the most respected deities of the Ratchaprasong intersection until now.


Gaysorn Holding Limited, an affiliate of Gaysorn Group, acquired Amarin Plaza as a part of their strategic move of revitalizing the Ratchaprasong district to stand out on the world stage as Bangkok’s most influential business and lifestyle district.


Amarin Plaza launched its first “Amarin Brand Sale”, an ultimate shopping experience with world class renowned brands ranging from fashion, lifestyle, travel, sports and accessories with exclusive prices for shoppers from every walk of lives, all on an area of more than 500 sq.m on the event zone 1st floor.


Amarin Plaza reinvented the dining experience with an impressive array of the city’s most popular and authentic street food dishes at “The Cook”. Today, The Cook has once again revamped itself with the “Best Street Food of Bangkok” concept, aiming to become the center of street food that will wow the senses of both Thais and foreigners on a space of more than 3,000 sq.m. that can fill up to 2000 food enthusiasts while enjoying a relaxing view of Ratchaprasong district on Amarin Plaza’s 4th floor.